• Home Wine Making Starter Set

Home Wine Making Starter Set

This Set Has 2 x 5 Litre VinClasse Clear Fermenting Buckets With Lids, One Lid Comes With A Pre Fitted Gromet & Bubbler Airlock - Both Buckets Have Handy LCD Thermometer Strips & Have 1 Litre Moulded Graduation Marks.

Other Equipment Includes - A Syphon Tube - A Hydromenter With Trial Jar - Large Plastic Spoon - Muslin Straining Bag - A Measuring Jug & 2 Funnels - PH Acid Test Strips - 100g VinClasse Cleaner Steriliser & Cloth.

There Is Also A Set Of The Main Additives Required For Most Recipes - Campden Tablets - Yeast Nutrient - Pectolase - Citric Acid & Dried Active Yeast.

Then To Help With Instructions, The Book That Many Refer To As The Home Wine Makers Bible "First Steps In Winemaking" By C.J.J.Berry This Book Is A Great Introduction To Making Wine At Home & Has 130 Easy To Follow Recipes.